CloudMent is The AI-Powered Trusted Advisor For Your Cloud Journey

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Why CloudMent?


For Solution Architects

Design robust and resilient cloud architecture that align with your business objectives, while also focusing on long-term sustainability.


For Executives

Develop a clearly defined strategy and roadmap for cloud implementation. Embark on a well-planned journey towards cloud migration, ensuring accuracy in selecting the appropriate model and optimizing for smooth scalability.


For Operations Managers

Guiding your operation teams with expert precision, empowering them to seamlessly manage, harness, and extract optimal value from the dynamic realm of cloud systems.

CloudMent is The AI-Powered Trusted Advisor For Your Cloud Journey

How it works?

CloudMent is trained based on cloud principles and best practices to become your trusted cloud advisor

Frequently asked questions

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What is CloudMent?
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CloudMent is an AI-driven cloud advisory platform that assists companies throughout their cloud migration journey.

Who is CloudMent suitable for?
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We are seeking individuals in three key roles: cloud solution architects, executives, and operations managers.

What specific problem does CloudMent address?
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Cloud services offer companies an excellent platform for their scalability, security, and cost-efficiency needs. However, after migrating to the cloud, organizations often encounter challenges such as security and performance issues, increased hosting costs, and resource shortages. CloudMent is a trusted cloud advisory service that helps you design a scalable, cost-efficient, and secure infrastructure. Furthermore, it empowers your cloud competence center to develop scalable cloud expertise.

When will CloudMent be available for use?
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We are scheduled for release in Q3 2024. Please complete the form below to receive updates.

Who is the intended audience for your services?
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CloudMent is suitable for any small, medium, or large business currently utilizing cloud services or considering migrating to the cloud. Even startups can leverage CloudMent to design their cloud-based solutions.

Is CloudMent built upon ChatGPT?
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We possess our own language model (LLM), enabling us to host the model within the client's infrastructure if desired.


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